Perhaps another Shinx Pokedoll?
In my post a few days ago, I'm sure some may have noticed that I have a Shinx Pokedoll. He's so cute! >w</ Well, unfortunately that is the only Pokedoll I have without tags. :/ Today, I found something on YAJ. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Oh my God! A Shinx Pokedoll WITH tag! Well, the price is pretty decent too with the decline of the Yen (and including commission + shipping fees). And not that I mind getting another one as friend for my current Shinx. ^^ Well, that makes it 3 Shinx Pokedolls for me if I get it! Shinx FTW!

I wonder if I should? Shinx Pokedolls don't appear very often.

Musings of a Pokemon Collector
Hi everyone,

I'm Wilson and I hail from Malaysia. Pokemon has been a fandom I am in for more than 10 years. I started with TCG collecting all the way from Base set and eventually stopped at Heart Gold Soul Silver. That was the time I paid little attention to Pokemon until I saw plushies from Pokemon Center.

They were very cute and I really wanted to get my hands on some. Thus, this begins the start of my small, modest, but growing collection of Pokemon plushies featuring my favourites!


I bought 1 in 2009, but it is only during 2012 and recently that I really got into buying them as I couldn't resist! ^^;;


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